Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Novel

After spending the last 10 years writing a novel (under a pseudonym, of course!) I realized I might not have ten years for the next one. I cannot go through this process once again of outlining, designing, writing, digesting, and editing. And for what? So it sits here like a giant white dogturd no one wants to clean up, so they act like it doesn't exist. But I can't quit writing novels, because that is what I do. For me to quit could be considered triple murder suicide (me, myself, and I).

Thus my idea for a "living novel" which can be accessed live, online, right now. This is it. Let the historians worry about history, R Speen is interested in LIFE. Obviously, this "living novel" will only be live as long as I am (or I decide to end it [and no doubt start something else, when and if that becomes the case]). If and when I die physically, it would and will end abruptly, as well, unless I am able to contact you, the reader, from the world beyond this one. Last time I checked, there is a lot of disagreement about what happens after you die. If I can somehow continue this, and contact you, the reader, believe me, I will!

The title for this novel: K2

That may change, too. Everything may change. Everything will change.

But for right now, it's K2